Pressure Systems Engineer

Mainthia Technologies, Inc has as an immediate opening for a Pressure Systems Engineer (PSE) at the NASA Glenn Research Center, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Education:BS degree in Mechanical Engineering

Duties: Responsible for conducting all phases of pressure vessel and pressure system (PV/S) design, fabrication, repair, alteration, testing, inspection, and fitness-for-service analysis necessary for the re-certification of PV/S in accordance with NASA NPD 8710.5, NASA STD 8719.17, and all applicable consensus codes and standards (i.e. ASME PV&B and piping codes, NBIC, API, CGA, CFR49, DOT, TEMA, EJMA, NFPA, etc…) at NASA Glenn Research Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. Recommend and evaluate non-destructive examinations and inspections performed on all types of PV/S (high pressure gas, cryogenic liquids, hydrogen, oxygen, fuels, wind tunnels, refrigeration, and hydraulic), and determine suitable inspection and recertification frequencies. Pressure systems engineers are qualified in characterizing and analyzing flaws in accordance with latest applicable code requirements and engineering practices, and recommend NDE, ISI, and/or prepare necessary repair specifications to resolve safety issues. Resolve issues in dealing with the recertification of existing pressure systems and vessels due to lack of existing system documentation and changes in consensus codes and standards in terms of safe design and construction acceptability. Create specifications for system inspections and for the qualification of NDE inspectors and cryogenic personnel.

Mainthia Technologies, Inc. is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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